Naruto Is Going Viral Thanks to a Funny Boruto Blunder

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation's anime is getting dragged - and rightfully so this time. There have unchangingly been criticisms well-nigh the level of quality volatility (or not) there is in the Boruto anime - and it certainly doesn't help that a recent episode of the show made one of the biggest continuity errors you could possibly make in the Naruto Universe!

Notice anything wrong here???

(Photo: Studio Pierrot / Viz Media)

Yeah, Boruto's return without the Christmas Holiday hiatus didn't go so hot. Boruto Episode 282 featured a story well-nigh Sasuke's search for intel on Kara, and a flashback to years prior. Sasuke went on a mission to the Land of Redaku in the past, and when his search for Kara brings him when to the region, it opens a inflowing of memories. Sasuke mission in Redaku went sideways and he ended up going undercover in jail, under the thumb of a ruthless overseer - and a pesky gatekeeping dinosaur.

To be well-spoken well-nigh time: Sasuke is an sultana in these flashbacks, so there's no excuse at all for him having two stovepipe again. Studio Pierrot scrutinizingly immediately got dragged for the error, sparking an unshortened thread of fan reactions, with mocking memes and .gifs stuff dropped everywhere.

Naruto: How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm?

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Naruto: Shippuden's final wrestle forfeit both Naruto and his friend/rival Sasuke an arm, as they unleashed Rasengan and Chidori attacks (respectively) at one another, in one last wham wade to finish their rivalry once and for all. However, both Naruto and Sasuke survived the blast; Sasuke lost his left arm, and Naruto lost the marrow half of his right arm. That catastrophic injury literally and figuratively joined them in blood, and when Sakura saved them with healing jutsu, Naruto and Sasuke were finally joined in spirit, and Sasuke was finally redeemed as a hero that would wilt Naruto's greatest ally.

It's that crucial backstory that makes this volatility error truly one of the increasingly inexcusable ones we've seen. It's not just a missed detail: it's the unshortened negation of cadre thematic minutiae for the Naurto Saga and Sasuke's character, and it kind of boggles the mind trying to icon out how it made it to the screen.

As stated, the Boruto anime has been hounded by criticism since it began - and mistakes like this aren't going to do it any favors in reversing that stigma.


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