Power Book IV: Force Season 3 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?

Power Book IV: Force Season 3 Release Stage Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?
Credits: Starz

Curious well-nigh the Power Book IV: Force Season 3 release date? We have all the latest information right here. Created by Robert Munic, Power Book IV: Force is the fourth entry in Courtney A. Kemp’s Power universe. The plot revolves virtually Tommy Egan, a convicted drug dealer who used to be the weightier friend of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the protagonist of Power (2014-2020). In Power Book IV: Force, as the world believes he is dead, Tommy ends up in Chicago on his way to California from New York and decides to make the Windy Municipality his new stomping ground. Season 1 premiered on February 6, 2022, and season 2 on September 1, 2023.

Here’s all the Power Book IV: Force Season 3 release stage information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out.

Is there a Power Book IV: Force Season 3 release date?

Power Book IV: Force Season 3’s release stage could victorious by 2025.

In December 2023, Power Book IV: Force was greenlit for the third season. Kathryn Busby, Starz’s president of original programming, said in a statement, “The fan response to this action-packed season of Force has been incredible. They’ve made it well-spoken that they need increasingly Tommy, and we’re thrilled to deliver. Christmas has indeed come early!”

The series was greenlit for season 2 in March 2022, and as mentioned above, the second season came out in September 2023. Given this precedence, it can be speculated that Power Book IV: Force Season 3 will come out sometime in 2025.

This stage is an interpretation based on the information we have at the time of this writing.

The tint includes Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, Isaac Keys as David “Diamond” Sampson, Lili Simmons as Claudia “Claud” Flynn, Shane Harper as Victor “Vic” Flynn, Kris D. Lofton as Jenard Sampson, Anthony Fleming as JP Gibbs, Lucien Cambric as Darnell “D-Mac” McDowell, and more.

Where is Power Book IV: Force Season 3 coming out?

Power Book IV: Force Season 3 is predictable to come out on Starz in 2025.

This is considering Starz is the home network of all shows in the Starz universe. ComingSoon will provide an update when the season 3 release stage is officially announced.

The official synopsis for Power Book IV: Force reads:

“Tommy Egan leaves New York overdue and plans to take on Chicago, using his outsider status to unravel all the local rules and rewrite them on his quest to wilt the biggest drug dealer in the city.”

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