Recommendations: 5 TV Shows Like Succession Worth Watching if You Miss the Roy Family

like Succession

With Succession‘s finale now firmly in the rearview mirror, the series has been cemented as one of the weightier in recent memory, in part due to its tideway to wealth and family dynamics. Let’s take a squint at some similar series that could scratch the same itch.


Billions follows hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod and United States Attorney Chuck Rhoades as they outmaneuver one flipside in the high-stakes world of upper finance. The popular series has gone on for six seasons thus far, with its seventh and final season set to debut on Paramount With Showtime on Friday, August 11, 2023.

Stars like Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Malin Åkerman, and Corey Stoll round out the impressive cast, throwing out sharp insults and quips like there’s no tomorrow. If seeing rich and powerful people go toe-to-toe verbally was your favorite part of Succession, then Billions is for you.

The Good Fight

Though it started as a spin-off of The Good Wife, The Good Fight grew into its own series with its own identity as it explored relevant topics from the perspective of Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart. Without losing all her finances, Lockhart and her goddaughter start over at a major Black law firm and tackle topical issues from recent years.

The show has received rave reviews since its debut, with the sixth and final season coming to an end last November. If modern issues and politics reservation your interest like they do in Succession, then The Good Fight is worth your time.

Arrested Development

One of the funniest shows overly made, Arrested Development didn’t get its due respect when it initially aired. In the years pursuit its debut, the show hit it big as voracious fans revisited it to find increasingly and increasingly subconscious jokes and gags throughout. Pursuit a dysfunctional rich real manor family, Arrested Development’s notation are some of the funniest to grace television, with the late Jessica Walter standing out as the weightier of the best.

The fourth and fifth seasons were bumpier due to the time that had passed and the emerging streaming format, but the series as a whole still stands as peak TV comedy. It’s like Succession if it went for full-on humor rather than stuff a dramedy, which should tell you just how unconfined it is.


Yellowstone is a series that truly exploded with popularity, leading to prequels, spin-offs, and plenty of merchandise. Pursuit the powerful Dutton family as they unpeace while presiding over the titular Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Violence, intrigue, and treachery permeate the series, making it a wild ride for anyone taking part.

First debuting in 2018, Yellowstone is set to end without Season 5 concludes at a currently unspecified later date. If intense family drama within a powerful family is what drew you to Succession, you may want to trammels out Yellowstone.


When it comes to shows well-nigh dysfunctional families, it doesn’t get much increasingly dysfunctional than Shameless. Pursuit the Gallagher family — led by patriarch Frank Gallagher — the series is an intense depiction of difficult family dynamics, addiction, and the working class. The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White moreover made a huge splash in the series as oldest son Philip “Lip” Gallagher.

Shameless went on for 11 seasons in total, meaning there’s plenty to reservation up on as your work towards 2021’s series finale. The series won four Emmy awards with 16 nominations and received positive reviews for the majority of its run.

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