Owen Wilson & Ke Huy Quan's MCU Heroes Officially Join Marvel Continuity

Mobius and Ouroboros of the MCU Loki series have quite recently appeared in the pages of Web of Arachnid Man to assist a famous Bug Legend with joining the 616.

Owen Wilson's Mobius and Ke Huy Quan's Ouroboros of the MCU series Loki seem to have joined Wonder Comics. While they may not be the specific renditions of their MCU partners, there's a reasonable and direct motivation for their comic appearance from the Disney+ series. The two adored TVA specialists show up as O.B. needs to assist Earth-65's Gwen Stacy with a multiversal issue prompting her new series.

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Demonstrating that her web truly associates them all, Madame Web sees 2024's arrangement of Arachnid stories in Trap of Arachnid Man (2024) #1. The MCU-ified Mobius and Ouroboros first show up in the story "Bug Gwen: The Phantom Bug" by Stephanie Phillips, Eric Gapstur, and Matt Milla, seeing the forthcoming series with a similar title.

However it's muddled in the event that these are in fact expected to be the characters as they show up in Loki, they look similar both outwardly and in their discourse. The Wonder comic most certainly appears to have been composed with the voices of Owen Wilson and Ke Huy Quan as a top priority.

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They've in fact showed up in Wonder Comics previously, yet the Mobius and Ouroboros in Trap of Arachnid Man (2024) #1 are without a doubt founded on their MCU partners. Both comic characters are prominently in She-Mass (2005) #3 by Dan Slott and a large number of craftsmen, when Jennifer Walters stands preliminary at the TVA. Mr. Ouroboros was initially a clone of Mobius, proved by the series' initial idea workmanship showing Owen Wilson as Ouroboros. Ke Huy Quan's Ouroboros is a totally new interpretation of the person, while Owen Wilson's Mobius is more like the comics. Be that as it may, in Bug Gwen's story, the two characters are strikingly indistinguishable from their Loki counterparts.

Mobius and Ouroboros aren't the first characters to make a big appearance in quite a while subsequent to debuting in the MCU. Stellan Skarsgård's Erik Selvig shows up in tie-in comic books for Wonder films and joined the 616 in Justice fighters: Deadlock! by Scratch Spencer, Imprint Bagley, and Jesus Saiz. Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson made his most memorable standard Wonder Comics appearance in 2012 and has shown up reliably since. The Loki characters wouldn't be quick to get over from a Disney+ series, as May Calamawy's variant of Red Scarab likewise appeared in Moon Knight (2021) #25 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Vitti, Alessandro Cappuccio, and Partha Pratim.

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Web of Arachnid Man (2024) #1's review of Arachnid Gwen's series sees Mobius and Ouroboros from the TVA examining Gwen Stacy. The story "Bug Gwen: The Phantom Bug" by Stephanie Phillips, Eric Gapstur, and Matt Milla grandstands Gwen Stacy in her non military personnel life managing a secretive multiverse issue. All the while, Mobius tells O.B. that it's not worth exploring while O.B. attempts to make sense of that Apparition Insect is definitely not a conventional variant of Gwen Stacy. The finish of the story sees Bug Gwen protected when O.B. shows up through a TVA timedoor to perhaps present to Earth-65's Gwen Stacy to the 616.

It is not yet clear if Mobius, Ouroboros, and the TVA will play enormous parts in the forthcoming Bug Gwen comic or on the other hand assuming they are only the impetus that gets her into the 616. Nonetheless, in the event that they can do this for Gwen Stacy, it appears to be that the dearest Loki supporting characters could assist different legends with going between timetables in future comic appearances. However Mobius previously existed on the page, the Owen Wilson and Ke Huy Quan adaptations of their TVA specialist characters are welcome augmentations to Wonder Comics ordinance.